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We are an indigenous real estate company
, with vested-interest in life cycle construction and facilities management of innovative residential and commercial developments in Nigeria.

At Robin Rosewood & Associates (RRA), we seamlessly strive for perfection in every sphere of our business enterprise. Thus our impeccable team of professionals is committed to deliver creative, coherent and cost – effective investment solutions to prospective real estate investors who intend to partner with us.

Based on many years of experience in the real estate industry our experts delineate that the property investment markets as at today is in a continuum driven by socio-economic and political factors and as such RRA’s primary goal as a real estate company is to jointly create property investment opportunities (PIOS) that are mutually and financially rewarding to all of its partners and investors.

The last few years have seen a rise in the desire for complex designs in commercial and residential developments. The technical complexity now necessary for cost effective design and installation process has led to increasing diversification and specialization. A high level of expertise and experience are required in the design and specification of engineering systems.

Quality exposure gained by the Principal Partners of ROBIN ROSEWOOD & ASSOCIATES on numerous projects are reference points for the service delivery expected from the company as well as the quality of value engineering services contributed by these professionals into the industry.






About Us

Our Core Focus

To become a leading player in the construction/property development industry with a target market of two distinct customer segments. The largest segment is the recreational and hospitality sector as the demand for quality hotels, resorts and shopping malls presently in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized. This sector is still expanding rapidly as Nigeria has not even attained up to 20% of the potential growth of this industry and can be further increased due to the numerous opportunities in global investments, franchising and the influx of multinational companies into the country.

The second market is the private sector which primarily consists of the Oil and Gas, telecoms, Banking and Manufacturing sectors of the economy. The quest for quality office space and residents for upper/middle management cannot be over-emphasized due to compete with current global business practice and technological advancement.

The focus of upcoming construction companies and developers should be on building projects through various means such as Joint Venture participation by taking equity in projects. Once a memorandum of Understanding is signed between interested parties; each party will mobilize resources as agreed to accomplish projects. This course of action will be pursued as a way to efficiently utilize capital and technical skills to deliver state –of-the art structures nationwide.

Some of the keys to attaining the said mandate will include:
  • Developing quality projects that provide value for money amenities at competitive prices.
  • Maintaining open communication between the clients/proposed off takers and other stake holders in order to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and patronage.
  • To continue to expand the portfolio of projects and workforce, while also increasing the level of profit for investors.

Our Goal

  • To offer a higher level of quality in our developments than most other local developers in Nigeria. This provides value services for our upwardly mobile target clientele who appreciate the aesthetic value of modern day buildings.
  • Our future developments will compare with international standards but would be priced competitively to penetrate into the market and match the quality of already established construction firms.
  • We have exclusive agreements with some foreign Developers, who provide technical expertise and machinery for the construction of some of our developments. They carry out projects in accordance with our local regulations and applicable building codes.
  • We maintain a team of professionals from related fields for effective project management and supervision with foreign partners’ from pre to post construction phase.

Our Value Proposition

  • We have an in-house ability to develop projects from start to finish. To that end, our team of young professionals with hands on experience in various departments of the business have a number of years of relevant experience. These include; architects, builders, engineers, estate/quantity surveyors and project managers.
  • In the case where funds are not easily accessible by our clients, we have adopted project financing models in appraising opportunities. This model relies on off plan sales as a significant source of funds for completion of projects.
  • Our focus includes and not be limited to the development of Residential/Commercial Apartments, Holiday and Leisure Parks, Shopping Malls, Airports, Hotels and Schools, while partnering with Mortgage institutions on developed housing properties for the provision of finance to eligible borrowers.
  • From initial site selection, financing and design to construction, sales and facilities management, we are equipped to masterfully carry out this process on time and within budget.
  • We allow for flexibility and creativity in structuring financing thereby providing different categories of people, varying opportunity to partake in projects.
  • Robin Rosewood & Associates Strives at all times to comply with regulatory requirements as we attempt to always exceed the expectation of clients.
  • We deliver developments of unmatched proportion which start with the commitment to customer satisfaction and fulfilling demands.
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Who we are?

We are RRA

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Kehinde Odufuye

Director – Corporate Communications & Brand Marketing

Kehinde Odufuye has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Relations & Personnel Management from the University of Lagos. With over 8 years’ experience in advertising and Image consultancy services, Kehinde began her career in telecommunications during her stint in sales and market research at Western pacific Communications.

Her wealth of experience is also strengthened from her pertinent role as the team lead in customer relations and fund raising for BRAIYA - a non –governmental organization established to nurture talents in young adults. At BRAIYA, she also worked actively in capacity building by mentoring and developing talents, motivating personnel, profiling high net worth brands for partnerships and running programmes to ensure that events were executed on time and within budget.

Kehinde later worked as a brand consultant for a number of advertising agents on various campaigns ranging from the food & beverage industry to multinationals alike. Her profile in advertising also includes concept development, content provision, brand marketing, corporate image and urban lifestyle.

She presently runs Flawless Images Limited, an Image Consultancy firm and sits on the board of RRA as an independent consultant on corporate governance and brand Marketing.

Email: kehinde.odufuye@robinrosewood.com

Mobile: +234 -8033651355

Our Strategic Partners

GEA have partnered with Robin Rosewood & Associates in technical advisory services for our engineering design solutions for our more complex projects.

GREAT EARTH ARCHITECTS & ENGINEERS LIMITED is a Chinese -Canadian Architectural and Engineering Company with its offices in Shanghai & Beijing, having developed world class projects around the world.

Structural design and loading factors in buildings may vary since we adopt the British Code of construction and this varies from the Chinese Code. The calculations used for load factors and depth of beams, slabs and columns also affect the construction methodology as some foreign contractor may insist that they builds with specific loading parameters for structural members.

Varying complex designs such as high rise buildings with deep piles, also makes use of numerous factors for dead and live load calculations which vary slightly between commercial and residential buildings. Headroom provision as well as work station parametersin commercial buildings also vary. We have learned to adopt a synergy where our engineers work closely with our partners to ensure that building code regulations are maintained and not compromised.


Since we provide advisory services based on professional expertise and related experience, we believe that these services should turnkey run from the pre-construction to the post construction phase.

Our relevance cannot be over emphasized during the pre construction phase, especially. Once the synergy between both parties is properly harnessed during the pre-qualification stage, it will lead to smoother operations during execution, time & cost savings and proper implementation of the project.

In addition, based on our experience and working relationship on previous projects, we also recommend foreign and local suppliers in various public and private agencies who may assist in providing various services that will encourage effective and timely delivery of projects.


The key fulfillment of our synergy is met through dedication to a higher quality product at all times. This is achieved through our valued technical aid dedicated to hard work, consistency and positive results.

We also maintain a band of consultants in other related industries that can be adopted for relevant services. This will help us continuously develop a module for the execution of projects, regardless of scope and location thereby preserving our expectations and those of our clients.

In conclusion, we believe this plan meets the desired objectives of an indigenous developer/contractor that aims to penetrate today’s construction industry by partnering with foreign technical aid to provide the desired speed and quality at a more competitive price.

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Our Vision

To become the first indigenous real estate company with vested-interest in life cycle construction and facilities management of innovative residential and commercial developments.

Our Mission

To deliver creative, coherent, and cost-effective design & investment solutions in every aspect of our business through professionalism, passion and strong commitment.

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